Kernel Kart – Palm Kernel Feeder

Ensure your stock have feed when they need it with our Kernel Kart

The Kernel Kart has a sturdy galvanised frame and bin and comes with a rear tow hitch. There’s also a washout port to make cleaning easy, and mudguards for added protection.

$3,865.00 incl. GST

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  • 3600mm length x 800mm width x 400mm diameter

Rear tow hitch for easy mobility

  • Easily move the feeder to wherever it is needed.

Mudguards for added protection

  • Ensures that mud doesn’t flick in and ruin feed.

Washout port for easy cleaning

  • When you are done using the feeder easily clean it out. At the end of the season when you are finished using it just lift up the washout port slightly to stop water from collecting.

Lasts a lifetime

  • Made in NZ from fully galvanised steel our feeders are strong and sturdy with a highly robust frame to handle NZ’s weather conditions.
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