STOP your feed going to waste and save money!

Time and time again, we hear New Zealand farmers tell us they are frustrated with the amount of feed going to waste.

Our hay and meal feeders ensure no feed gets wasted and protects it from the elements. And because our feeders are user-friendly and easily moved around the farm with ease, you'll save valuable time.

Whether you have a dairy unit, lifestyle block, alpacas, sheep or horses, we have a feeder size that will make your life easier so you can feed your stock well. Our feeders come as either two or three-wheeled mobile hay racks (with optional meal bins), sized from one bale to five bale capacity.

Don't feed supplement for your stock to sleep on. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save time and minimise wastage with a fully galvanised product that will last for years.

Trailers designed to make farming easier

If you are in need of a trailer for everyday use on the farm or lifestyle block, check out our range of trailers which are designed to make farming easier. Our trailers are made from steel and metal with highly robust frames, and galvanised to ensure strength and dependability. So you can be sure your Wilco Engineering trailer will last your lifetime on the farm.

Cut your feed costs and improve efficiency on the farm.


Hanging Hay/Meal Feeders

Use in the calf shed or on paddock gates to reduce feed wastage. The uneaten feed collects in the tray, rather than on the ground.

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Wheeled hay/meal feeders

Move around the farm easily with a mobile Hay/Meal Feeder. Complete with a standard rear towball so you can tow the milk feeder behind it.

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Client success story

"We have been using Wilco feeders on our farm for about four years now. The biggest benefit is the improvement in feed utilisation" - Dave and Wendy Harker, Westell Friesian Stud, Te Awamutu. 

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